Bickal Koi-Mobile
Coming to a Koi Show Near you!
In 2013 we bought our new trailer! The old live haul trailer that I build was just too small to carry all of the koi we are hauling to koi shows now. We are a koi show on wheels, we can bring the koi to you!
Palo Big Day Parade 2011
In 2007 I purchased this trailer that had previously been used as a refridgerated meat hauling trailer. I remodeled the trailer to house two livewell tanks to transport koi. Each tank is lined with 45mil EPDM rubber and holds 100 gallons. I can put a hundred or so large koi (12"-24") each tank. The box on the front of the Trailer when I first bought it trailer holds rubbermaid containers full ok koi bagged in pure oxygen.

Oxygen is supplied to the live well tanks using a 115 Volt Medo Air Pump that I run using a 12V inverter plugged into the 12V accessory power system in the truck. This powers several airstones for the koi. I treat the water with Cloram-X to protect the koi from Ammonia.

The koi-mobile is all loaded up with fish, tubs, tanks, and everything else we need. Now all we need is YOU.
Our booth at the Midwest Pond and Koi Society show in Chicago in 2012
If you see this bumper, follow it, cause there are koi-on-board!!!