Greg Bickal's DIY Pond CD Rom
My DIY CD is no longer for Sale. Starting January 2014 all of the articles will be posted on this website for Free in celebration of 10 years of the CD being sold! Look under the menu item "DIY"
If you would like to know how to build koi pond projects at a fraction of the cost that I (and many others) have put to the test, you should order the DIY Pond Series. This in depth koi pond collection contains over 2,000 pictures and is now available for immediate delivery. The CD is only $10 USD and includes Shipping and handling to the Continental United States. $12 to Hawaii and Canada, $15 to all other foreign destinations. This is being released as Computer CD to provide you with the largest and best quality images possible. Windows or Macintosh, it uses your computer's browser to navigate the CD and should work with all popular browsers (e.g. Netscape, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)

There are detailed instructions with photos on how to construct the following items:
  • How to install a Pipe Boot, newly added VIDEO DEMONSTRATION.
  • How to build a Skimmer using a heavy duty utilty sink
  • How to build a De-Icer, to keep a hole open in the ice.
  • How to build a Bottom Drain on a pre-existing pond.
  • How to build a Bottom Drain during new pond construction.
  • How to build a in-ground filter using pond liner.
  • How to build a above-ground filter using pond liner.
  • How to build a above-ground filter using a 55 gallon barrel.
  • How to build a "Trickle-Tower" filter using a 55 gallon barrel.
  • How to build a Indoor Pond.
  • How to build a Settling Chamber.
  • How to build a Venturi.
  • How to build a Waterwheel.
  • How to build a Ultra-violet Clarifier.
  • How to build a above-ground filter using a Rubbermaid Container.
  • How to build a Microstrainer (self cleaning pump intake screen).
  • How to build a Pond Vaccuum.
  • How to build a Extension Handle for a gate valve.
  • How to build a arched bridge.
  • How to build a extra large filter.
  • How to reform a 55 gallon barrel into a square.
Plus the Following Bonus Material
  • Photo's of 13 different Consultation Projects
  • Photo's of Greg's Pond, showing a progression over the last 9 years
  • Photo's of Greg's Koi
  • Photo's of Greg's Koihouse construction, Plus a Video Walkthrough of the Finished House.
  • Photo's of Greg's Trip to Japan
  • Optimizing your pond liner, an Article of mine that was published in Koi USA Magazine
How To Order:
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Bickal DIY CD, $10 each
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Send a money order for $10.00USD to:
    Greg Bickal
    3653 Toddville Road
    Toddville, IA 52341

Read some testimonials from people who have used my designs
Duty Free from the The Mud Pond Forum said:
I have made the things from Gregs ideas....... and they have served me so well! I think he's a genius.. don't tell him might go to his head! LOL! Thanks Greg for all you've gifted me with!
Rainmain from the Watergarden Forum said:
"Greg's DIY ideas and designs have worked just great for me. I used his ideas for my skimmer, bottom drain and 55-gallon filters when I expanded my pond from a 165 gallon preform to a 4,000 gallon liner pond in the Spring of 2003. This winter I have his low-wattage deicer doing a nice job keeping a hole open in the ice to allow for gas exchange. I put in my pond for under $2,000 - mainly liner, pumps and PVC piping/valves. Thanks Greg!"
Sandy from the Watergarden Forum said:
"I followed Greg's designs, with modifications to my elevations, to build a 13,000+ gallon pond. The pond is 3 years old and all components are going strong. His instructions are VERY easy to follow and work as well if not better than the more expensive store bought items. Building the indivdual components was fun, rewarding, cost effective and didn't take a lot of skill or time. Anyone familiar with a saw, drill and screw driver can do this! Thanks for saving me thousands of dollars, Greg!"
LouAnn from the Watergarden Forum said:
"I used Greg Bical's pipe boot design. It was simple, cost effective, and extremely easy. It saved me time and money. It also is quite flexible, and works in many different applications. What more could you ask for!"
Karen from the Watergarden Forum said:
"Greg Bickal saved me a ton of money! Greg's deicer saved my money, saved my electricity, and (most importantly) saved my fish."
Zik from the Watergarden Forum said:
"The pipe boot idea alone is worth the price of this CD!"
Pam from the Watergarden Forum said:
"Greg's designs are the simplest, least expensive and perform as well (if not better!) than their expensive commercial counterparts. They just make plain old good sense. We utilized his liner optimizer plan, pipeboot, bottom drain, and skimmer in our pond design. His pipeboot method takes the terror out of cutting a whole in that expensive liner! No DIY ponder should start a project without this CD."
Louis from the Watergarden Forum said:
"I used Greg's deicer design and it works just fine, I have dropped my electric bill from a whopping 1500 dollars this time last year to a piddly 11 dollars. thank you greg, yo-da-man"
Mr Bill from the Watergarden Forum said:
"I contructed most all my pond and components DIY but there were still ideas I needed a little help with. And your pipe boot saved me a bundle. Thanks Greg. Your pond has been an "inspiration" link off my web page."
Aaron Orr from the Watergarden Forum said:
"I just got my Greg Bickal DIY CD today and its very informative. Well worth the money I would reccomend anyone who is into the DIY thing to buy his cd."
Steve from the Koiphen Forum said:
I purchased your CD in hopes of getting ideas for my DIY filter system. I was not dissapointed as your CD gave me the needed jump start to get my Filter system working. I used your large filter design and modified it to fit my application and plan. I use a settling chamber fed by a 4" bottom drain and 2 55 gal barrell up flow mechanical filters, then pumped to my bio-filter. I love building and your CD got me thinking that I could build a good system without breaking the bank.