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Fall is here!! Koi need time to aclimate to new fish and new surroundings before going into winter, and for this reason, we do not recommend buying koi this late in the season unless you have indoor ponds or live in a warmer area.
We have moved! We are now selling retail from our Coggon Farm. Address is 2250 Coggon Road, Coggon Iowa. At the T intersection Of Coggon Road. Click for Map We have been breeding koi in Iowa since 1999, thats years., and were Koi & Pond Hobbiests years before that. Our Oyagoi (parent koi) were all hand picked by me when I visited Japan in 2004. With the help of my Sales Manager Shane, my daughter Mia, and my wife Martha, we produce hundred's of koi each year at prices so low they are hard to pass up many of which have won awards at the koi shows. We produce many breeds of Nishikigoi (koi) including Showa, Sanke, Utsuri, Kohaku, Yamabuki, Chagoi, Soragoi, Ochibia, Bekko and many more!

Sorry, we do not raise Goldfish or Shubunkins. We do not raise Gamefish or Paddlefish, or Hi Fin Sharks. We are not a Fishery we are Koi Breeders and Koi Enthusiasts!